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Our Story

Our Story

A couple of small town country boys shotgunnin' around a bonfire one summer 2015 night. A few cold ones deep, we got to talking about how there was a lack of authentic country clothing out there that truly represented the country lifestyle that we both lived and loved. 


A lifestyle not only defined by hunting and fishing, but much more than that. A lifestyle dedicated to living it up on the weekends, driving down backroads in your truck with that special someone riding shotgun, drinking cold beer around a bonfire on Friday nights, going to that country show you’ve been waiting for all year long, and just living every day to its absolute fullest. We knew there were lots of brands making so-called “country” clothing that we wore when we were out in the woods hunting, while trying not to be seen, but that didn’t represent our lifestyle on a daily basis. What was lacking, was a quality country clothing brand that we could proudly wear, to look good, while trying to be seen at the local country bar on Saturday night. 


Something that was going to make us stand out and help us get that special someone riding shotgun in our truck. Something that showed that we were more than just a couple of small town hicks that like to hunt and fish. That we are a couple of small town hicks that like to look good, know how to get down, work hard, play harder and raise hell. We needed something a little hillbilly, mixed with a little deluxe. That night, Hillbilly Deluxe was born. Hillbilly Deluxe is a Country Lifestyle Apparel brand, designed to unite country lovers across this world, by allowing you to recognize a fellow country boy or girl with just one glance. We represent the true country lifestyle that we, and millions of people around this world, love to live. If you’re Hillbilly Deluxe, it don’t matter where you're from because



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